Personalized Christmas Gift

This is a self-initiated project created to show our appreciation to 50 recipients whom we have been learning alot from in our daily course of work. With a theme of traditional Spanish Christmas, this project includes a  gift (Spanish iberico ham, breadstick and almond) with a personalized packaging design in 4 colors.

The cover uses copy with subtle humor that contradicts with the gift, and maintaining that subtlety by using blind letterpress, done by Studio Santa Rita. The back includes a personalized letter. Perforation on the back allows recipients to open the pack with ease. Inside panels include a 4-steps guide to enjoy the gift, limited edition number and our company’s information.

The pack can be further broken down through perforation where recipients could keep both the front as a Christmas card and the back as a letter for souvenir. We hope that this gift would bring a good Christmas to those who have received.